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open wheel festival

Post  bangerboy on Sun Dec 07, 2008 9:16 pm

Well as i can see ur new fixtures list is out and looks good! There was a good space in between it all.
U say u have all these new drivers so u should atleast have 25 cars per meeting and go down two 18 to the fineal so the racing should be really good,
But lets just hope they dont stand round the track side watching and saying ill be out the next meeting. I think if u dont prove urself this year
it will be good night to all u v8 drivers and u only got urself 2 blame so lets just hope it donest come 2 this . But iv noticed when u get somthink wrong with ur car every1 just loads up and doese not try 2 fix it. And i also belive the british airways is not taking place as there talking a load of bullllll, Very Happy


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