An Idea To Think About?

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An Idea To Think About?

Post  PRV8547 on Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:33 am

Could this be an Option? We know there are quite a few cars out there not being used, and quite a few drivers drivers not wanting to race them, for what ever reason they have. What about if we had a "non-contact" meeting or race, just to "ease" those people back into thier cars nice and gently. Get those batteries charged, tyres pumped up, stick some fuel in it and go racing without worring about getting a big one up the bumper. This may get some more cars on track, persuade more drivers to come out, and give us an indication of how many cars are able to compete? I am in no way suggesting that this formula goes non-contact permanently. Just a one off meeting. Regards to all, Peter Ross 547


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Re: An Idea To Think About?

Post  bobdernob2 on Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:07 am

Hi, Peter,
Any new ideas are good, and perhaps it could work as a one off, but anyone who has got a v8 knows the formula is a contact one,and no one is going to bury or follow in anyone. (well mostly!) nearly all the drivers have more class than that
,yes there is contact and thats good, and we know that anything silly will mean a ban.
So there are not many excuses for people not getting out on track, and any damage you do pick up they will be suprised how many people come over to help.
Anyway Pete its great to see you back and racing again. Very Happy Very Happy
See you on sunday.



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