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V8 Stock Car Forum - For Sale Info and Forum Content

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For Sale Items:
Any 'for sale' items are offered for sale by their owners & are displayed on this site purely to help
them sell. This website takes no responsibility for items sold or the terms in which they are bought.
Advertisements are displayed in good faith. Please contact the sellers directly for more information.

Acceptable Forum Content:
Anything that promotes the V8 Stock Car formula generally.
You can however comment on the 'Current V8 situation', whenever it may be (good and bad, within reason)
News, views and personal opinions relating to V8 Stock Cars  
Off Topic Items are also welcome on V8 Stock Car Forum.

Unacceptable Forum Content:
Swearing, even where words which are disguised using other symbols instead of letters.
Personal insults, Abusive or threatening remarks.
No personal attacks on 'teams', 'team members' or their 'Families'.
Any content which may provoke other forum members, or disrupt the operation of the forum.
Any content which may be interpreted as discrediting V8 Stock Car Forum, v8stockcars.co.uk, the Sport,
its participants, supporters or promoters.
Any content which generally could be interpreted as inappropriate or offensive to any party or individual.

Any posts that do not comply with the above will be removed.
Persistant non-compliance will result in the user being banned.

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