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Post  bobdernob2 on Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:37 am

I see on another site forum we have been under attack again, its always the same people who seem to be anti spedeworth as its not always us as their target,but they think we are a soft option at the moment after Yarmouth, which as i pointed out all formulas are down on cars this season there which is nobodys fault at all.
All other tracks we are around 20+ and not a word spoken by them then!
Unforetunately i will have to miss my beloved Aldershot as i have to undergo a bit of surgery but i hope to be there supporting the rest of you so please book in early for this one. I will book in for Ipswich and beyond though.
Dont let these people get to you too much as the people that really matter still like us as we seem to be getting a bit of a following. My eldest daughter was talking to a group of people in a pub in Aylesbury who have seen the v8s at Aldershot and were blown away by them and they want to meet me and look round the car this week and have a chat about racing in general which can only be a good thing.
see you all soon



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under attack

Post  V8 Supporter on Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:04 am

Hi all,

i feel that some of the comments made about you guys is somewhat unfair,The v8 fomular is good to watch
with good numbers,but like all racing if you are not getting the numbers its not so good for the crowd.
With no news from the promoter about the v8's and they allways seem to be on with bangers is it not suprising
that the spectators know very little about the drivers or the teams.
you have the Scotts,Pete blomfield,Colin Goodswen,Bill Chance,Brad & Colin Moss,Brian Scott,Simon Turner,
Pete Ross, David Burton(last seen driving a super),Rob beale,these are just a few of the interesting guys that race these machines, i have spoken to most of them and they want to race and please the paying public.
So next week at aldershot go down and have a chat with one or all of them you might be suprised as to how friendly they are.

Some of the guys travel long distance to race so give them all a cheer and remember 300+ horsepower and a locked diff take some controlling !!

The sound of these machines is awsome, come on everyone rally this great fomular otherwise we could lose it.

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