RULES 2011....

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RULES 2011....

Post  Harris Racing #32 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:51 am

Just a quick one before I start making changes!!!

Please can someone of an official source (Spedeworth or Drivers Reps) clarify that there is no amendment to the Exhausts?? Looked back on 'NEWS' on the spedeworth website and doesn't mention anything and below is the extract from the V8 Stock Car Rules for 2011....

If a silencer becomes ineffective or insecure during racing, the driver should automatically pull off. If the exhaust becomes ineffective
within the last five laps, it may not be possible for the Start Marshal to issue a Black Flag, but you will automatically be removed from
any result. Silencers must be effective in reducing noise.
Exhaust pipe length must be a minimum of 1067mm from the cylinder head, and must be fitted with a
silencer. The system must terminate beyond or away from the driver‘s feet, and must not deflect gases
into following cars. Stub exhausts are not permitted. The silencer used must be an AX891, and there must be one fitted on each side;
alternatively, a tubular version, which may be easier to mount (SP351811 (57mm x 89mm (2¼‖ x 3½‖) case, large straight end), or
SP4018113 (64mm x 100mm (2½‖ x 4‖) case, large straight end), are available from American Car Spares, Watford (Tel. 01923
It will be permitted to use the JS303 silencer currently used by the National Hot Rod available from
Simpson Exhausts with inlet and exhaust outlets of 3" diameter with suggested maximum outlet/tailpipe length of 3‖.

Can you confirm please!!!

Regards, Daryl.
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Re: RULES 2011....

Post  bobdernob2 on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:01 am


Is everyone sorted and happy or not? where have the comments & ideas gone? once again its only the same few posting on here . Evil or Very Mad


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