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Post  bobdernob2 on Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:55 am


just had a letter through stating that my tow van will not be allowed next year in london. Does anyone know if this is set in stone or is there a chance of a reversal, i know there has been a petition but havnt heard any more about it.Any info?



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Post  Bazza on Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:11 am

Hi just had a letter myself have been trying to find out more as far as I have been told that there is going to be be no U-turn on this decision .But if your van is under a certain weight I think it was 3500kg all up and you convert from diesel to petrol you may be exempt.But trying to get clarification on this subject seems to be long and hard.Anyway what it means for me is that at the moment, I will not be racing at wimbo for the foreseeable future .


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