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Post  bobdernob2 on Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:20 am

Hi, do you all know its Aldershot this sunday, 8 cars booked in so far as of sponsored as well?
Where is everyone?
Feel like swearing on here but thats a no no, extra funding if we get to 15 cars but that seems a mile off at present. Please prove me wrong and get booked in or are you all bottling it or something? Twisted Evil



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Re: Aldershot.

Post  Bert775 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:31 am

Hello, just got back from Aldershot watching Dan's first outing in the Turner car, well done mate, a few teething problems but you got out there fella!

The V8's are awesome and Thunder around better than anything else but from today's meeting I can't help but think the V8's are sometmes in with the wrong formula's, just my personel opinion but I think they would be better suited to run with the SuperStox, Hot Rod Formulas etc.etc. I know what everyone will say that if you can't get cars out there in double figures blah blah but V8 Stock Cars are not really appreciated by the Banger fraternity, each to their own but surely like minded Formula should be matched with each other?

I own the ex Pete Ross car now and am looking at an engine rebuild and some modifications to the chassis before I can get out there, with other projects taking priority I'll struggle for this year but will definately be looking at getting out there a.s.a.p

Keep it V8



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