kids can be cruel

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kids can be cruel

Post  moss8one5 on Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:16 pm

So i went to Arena essex saturday night to hand out some leaflets and promote my business there. I got talking to one of the dads of a rookie hot rods thing and was explaining how i race a v8 and am aware of the strains a crash can have on the body as part of my sales speal. Thing went well and off i went.

5 MInutes later this happens

Little kid " exscuse me mister are you the guy who races the V8? "

Me " some times when i have a car with an engine" i replied

LK " Itought it was you, Can i have your autograph?"

Me " sure " (not wanting to let the lad down)

so i sign the scruffy bit of paper thrust into my hand

LK " Cheers Dave"
hang on a minute
Me " Dave?, sorry who did you think i was?"

LK "Dave Miles 123"

Me " O, no im 815 Brad Moss"
The little kid gives me back the bit of paper and say "no ta"

kids can be so cruel

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