New/refurbed cars and drivers

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New/refurbed cars and drivers

Post  bobdernob2 on Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:16 am

Hi, we usually get stories of more cars and drivers ,then it never seemed to happen and we continued to struggle for cars and interest.
But this time there is a lot more tangible evidence of a lot happening on all fronts with cars actually being sold, new builds and refurbs of cars and quite a lot of interest from newcomers to the v8s.
Lets face it the v8stockcar (spedeworth version) is the closest thing to f1 stockcars and indeed just as fast as them and with bigger fields of cars nearly as good, it would have been a crime if we had folded and huge thanks must go to those who went the extra mile for us.And lets not forget we are a fraction of the cost compared to an f1.
In an ideal world we should be around the20+ mark to get a chance to race Ipswich and perhaps even Northampton as I feel strongly that if we got seen a bit more in that area that we could attract quite a few from the area, it happened a bit before (Paul wainwright from Manchester) (Steve stretton from the Coventry area) have all raced with us (Forgot Roley Emms from Cheltenham) as well.
It is really nice to have a good feeling about the future of our formula, long may it continue.



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